Creating and cost of a professional call center system for shipping companies

Creating and cost of a professional call center system for shipping companies

If you are the owner of shipping companies or own a group of companies that include transportation and shipping services, you are certainly in the right place; many shipping companies in the past years have had a lot of difficulties communicating with all related entities, especially when following up on orders, sales, and transportation, all these operations are sensitive and require careful and continuous follow-up until they are done as required.


And you might be wondering, “What’s the call Center system?” And how will he help me organize my work? “The answer to that question, dear reader, we can summarize it as a system that provides you with all the tools to do your job for you! Let us take the definition of the call Centre in the next paragraph in more detail.


What is the call Center system? and is it essential for shipping companies?

The Call Center system for a shipping company is specifically designed to direct and receive calls from customers and companies contracted with shipping companies so that you can communicate with your customers efficiently, quickly. Without any obstacles, it is a modern system that provides shipping companies with the advantage of effective communication remotely or online with all customers and maintaining constant and continuous communication without interruption or obstacles so that you can follow all shipping, transportation, sales, and all customers from anywhere, it is Uses up-to-date data collection techniques. It extracts detailed reports on the operations that have been made, all outgoing and incoming calls and the resulting ones.

Any shipping company, no matter how big its activity, or the places where its services are deployed, even if it targets specific areas or seeks to advertise its brand at the local or international level, strongly needs a professional call center system to help it achieve effective communication, hence the great importance of that system to various companies, especially shipping companies. We can summarize its importance at the following points:

  • Call Center helps you communicate effectively with customers
  • This system provides tracking of shipments and orders anywhere
  • This system provides the possibility to target potential customers to view your company’s services
  • Through that system, you can identify and solve the problems of your contract customers.
  • The system helps you save and record all customer data and transactions with you
  • The system helps you save and record shipping and transport data
  • Through that system, you can study customer behavior and reactions.
  • Through this system, we can work to improve future services.

These benefits can be returned to you as a shipping company owner, but they are not all benefits! There is a range of features or characteristics that The Call Center system provides to shipping companies that make them more effective and one of the most influential companies in the market, and we can mention the most important of those features in points:

  • Call control
  • Remote work
  • unified number
  • Connecting to CRM


First: Call Control

With The Call Center, any shipping company will be able to receive a considerable number of calls at once, with the possibility of making calls quickly and without any obstacles or breakdowns, and provides incoming call recording, maintaining them on solid and secure databases, thus helping you track the wishes and requirements of your customers. You can return to those recordings in an emergency; it also provides you with call scheduling that helps you schedule holidays. The call transfer feature helps shipping company owners facilitate their customer service team and improve the company’s level and methods of work, where incoming customer calls are converted to the relevant departments and concerned according to the purpose of the call.


Second: Remote work

One of the most important characteristics or advantages of the Call Centre system for shipping companies is the possibility of operating remotely or online from anywhere, which allows shipping companies to follow up on the delivery of orders and shipments with ease from the company’s headquarters or even from anywhere inside or outside Saudi Arabia, and even shipping company managers can follow customers and employees at the same time, allowing continuous control to improve the level and methods of work.


Third: Unified Number

It is a smart feature provided by the Call Center system is a short and unified contact number for your company, starting with 9200, which is a short fixed number consisting of only 9 numbers, where it distinguishes your company from the rest of the shipping companies in the market, and enjoys being easy to remember and concise to reach your customers quickly, through which your customers can reach any branch of your company or a specific section by requesting that number, for example, if they want to communicate with the orders and return section they can contact that The number is answered by a customer service representative and transferred to the relevant section of their inquiry, which allows your customers to contact your company at any time and even from anywhere inside or outside Saudi Arabia.


Creating and cost of a professional call center system for shipping companies


Fourth: CRM connectivity

With a call center innovative system you will be able to connect it to all other systems with your company; the integration of both systems will help to develop the entire business system; the CRM system is the critical system that saves, registers, and processes all the data of your customers, employees, services, all your company operations, and actions, it is a sophisticated system that combines a lot of modern tools and genius solutions that help corporate owners and organization managers develop the level of their business activities, improve business methods, and take care of customers.


A modern way to collect, analyze and categorize your customers’ data and personal information to eventually obtain structured information and numbers that enable you to develop strategies and techniques to develop your services to your customers, to gain their satisfaction, confidence, and more new customers.


Here we stop at one of the critical questions that many shipping company owners and managers want: “What is the cost of creating a professional call center system for shipping companies?!” Here my dear readers the answer depends on how big your company is. Is it a shipping startup? Or a medium or giant shipping company! Each company, its type, and size of business, and the number of its employees or customers determine what cost it will suit, so we at Bevatel Communications Solutions and call Center provide different packages for Call Center systems for all business activities and companies, and you can choose between those packages in proportion to your company and the type and size of its customers.

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