7 Features of Bevatel Social service help you increase sales

7 Features of Bevatel Social service help you increase sales

7 Features of Bevatel Social service help you increase sales


Bevatel Social service for linking social media sites has become an essential service for establishments and businesses to communicate with their target customers professionally. And to implement a lot of marketing and sales campaigns and even increase profits.

Bevatel advanced Call Center Solutions and Services strives to help institutions and businesses develop the performance of their marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support departments by providing integrated professional cloud solutions and services to communicate with customers.

In this article, we will try to highlight the importance and advantages of the social networking service to develop the performance of institutions and commercial activities and increase sales. Let’s go.

What is the Bevatel Social service?

Also known as social media channels networking.

Bevatel social is the first service that enables you to link all your establishments or business on various social networking sites (Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, Telegram, etc.) through one unified platform “Bevatel platform.”.

This service enables you to receive all your business conversations through the unified Bevatel Social platform for all messengers, with various professional advantages to respond to customer inquiries with ChatBot options or live chat response using mobile or computer.

This service allows you to communicate with your target customers regardless of their number and whatever social media they use. It also enables you to view the conversation logs of existing, potential, and new customers and follow your customer service, sales, and technical support performance from one panel with many advantages.

What are the advantages of linking social networking sites for establishments and commercial activities?

Bevatel Social service provides many professional benefits for establishments and commercial activities to upgrade the communication ways with customers in more professional and cost-effective ways. We can briefly mention the most prominent features of this service in points as follows:-

  1. WhatsApp Business API Activation.
  2. Connect your business page via Twitter.
  3. Faster LiveChat with Bevatel Social.
  4. General unified inbox and private one
  5. Add a Chat with us button on your website.
  6. Single platform for customer interactions, live analytics, and detailed reports
  7. User-Friendly with Mobile & Computer.

1- WhatsApp Business API Activation

You can activate the WhatsApp Business API using your establishment or business unified number organization or business by subscribing to the Bevatel Social service that connects your WhatsApp Business to the Bevatel Social platform provides you with many advantages. We can mention the most prominent of them in the following points:-

  • Have unlimited ChatBot conversations.
  • View all customer deals and conversations through a single platform.
  • All your employees can access your WhatsApp Business account at the same time.

Perhaps the most popular feature in activating the WhatsApp Business API is that this service allows all of your employees to use the same account of your WhatsApp Business through several different devices and from anywhere through the social media linking service from Bevatel.

By using this service, from now, you will not miss any of your customers’ conversations. But will respond to all customers periodically by logging in to more than one employee at the same time to respond to customers.

2- Link your business page via Twitter

By subscribing to the Bevatel Social service, you can link your business page via Twitter with the Bevatel Social platform. And then, the Bevatel platform allows you to receive all your customers’ conversations via Twitter and respond to their inquiries with multiple advantages and options.

We briefly mention the most prominent of them in the following points:-

  1. Manage and follow up on your business via Twitter.
  2. Unlimited chatbot for customer service, technical support, and sales departments
  3. Manage contacts and their logs.
  4. Customize customers with tags.

3- Faster Live chat with Bevatel Social

Now, customer service staff in establishments and businesses will not need to switch between web chats and social media to respond to customer inquiries and questions because through the Bevatel social networking service. Employees can receive web chats and social media conversations in a unified platform for all messengers.

So employees won’t miss any of their web conversations but will be able to respond to them faster than before instead of navigating between your website and your business pages on social media.

4- Unified message box and private messages

Bevatel Social service allows you to customize public message boxes to receive all your customers’ conversations through various social media.

You can also customize private message boxes to specific departments such as technical support, sales, customer service, reservations, and more.

These features help you organize your business conversations and help you provide better customer service and support.

5- Adding contact us button to the site

Our social networking service includes adding a Contact Us button to your business or establishment website.

This button allows your customers to choose the communication channel via WhatsApp Business, Messenger, Telegram, etc.

6-  All customer dealings and conversations on one screen

This service enables you to view all the customer’s dealings and conversations with you across all communication platforms on one screen. This feature helps you understand your target customers and their problems well and provide them with the best technical support. In addition to that, this feature saves you much time to search for the customer and his previous dealings.

This service also provides you with reports and analytics screens regarding the conversations, inquiries, and logs of all customers (each customer particularly).

7- User-Friendly with Mobile & Computer.

One of the most popular features of the Bevatel Social service or the Bevatel unified platform for all messengers is a user-friendly service. And you can run it via mobile or computer.

Hence, this feature gives you multiple options to communicate with customers from anywhere and without being at your call center, meaning it is a flexible service.

7 Features of Bevatel Social service help you increase sales

Why do many companies rely on Bevatel solutions and services?

Many institutions and commercial activities rely on Bevatel services and solutions for advanced contact centers to communicate with the customers because of the reasons and advantages that Bevatel provides.

We can mention the most prominent of these reasons and advantages in some points and briefly as follows:-

  • Bevatel is the leading and first specialized in the field of advanced cloud contact center services.
  • Bevatel provides integrated cloud solutions and services that are indispensable for establishments and business contact centers.
  • Bevatel is a company specialized in cloud solutions and services for advanced call centers. And it is licensed and certified by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  • Bevatel provides the customers who subscribe to its services free technical support 24h/day and throughout the subscription period.
  • Bevatel provides contact center services and solutions through professional experts and specialists in the call center, customer service, and technical support fields.
  • Bevatel provides professional after-sales services that include training the customer and his employees on the Bevatel services, solutions, and devices.

We provide Bevatel Social service to link client pages on social networking sites with Bevatel Social platform at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia and with multiple professional benefits to communicate with customers and implement sales and technical support operations professionally.

Bevatel always tries to help institutions and commercial activities to develop the customer service, sales, and technical support departments’ performance. Bevatel provides these establishments and commercial activities with integrated professional cloud services and solutions for advanced contact centers that help them provide better service and support to their target customers.

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