5 Reasons make CRM System a marketing & sales tool for companies 2022

5 Reasons make CRM System a marketing & sales in 2022

5 Reasons make CRM System a marketing & sales tool for companies 2022

CRM System is an essential and indispensable call center solution for organizations and businesses looking to improve the performance of their marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support departments.

The customer service management system includes many tools, features, and options that help both the marketing and sales departments to accomplish their tasks and develop their performance to achieve the company’s goals and increase sales and profits.

Bevatel Customer Service Management System is considered one of the most prominent call center solutions that provide institutions and commercial activities with integrated professional features enabling them to conduct and implement all their operations.

Through this article, we will learn about the importance of the CRM program and its advantages to improve marketing, sales, technical support, and stores departments’ performance. Let’s go.

CRM system

It is the latest professional system from Bevatel that enables you to manage all the interactions of your target customers with your establishment or business departments with several tools that determine the workflow of all your sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support staff departments.

It is software that you can use to manage your business contacts and follow their interactions, from potential customers and sales opportunities to actual and ongoing new customers.

We can explain the most prominent uses of the customer relationship management system, which make it an ideal marketing and sales tool for institutions and commercial activities in the following points:-

  1. Marketing management and analysis
  2. Sales Operations Management
  3. Management and development of technical support
  4. Managing new warehouses and projects
  5. Integration with the cloud call center system

1- Marketing management and analysis

Many corporate and business marketing management rely on Bevatel’s CRM system to manage the relationship between the organization or the brand and between existing and potential customers. “the target audience in general.”.

This system analyzes all customers’ marketing activities and their relationship with your establishment or business which helps you to develop methods of communication with potential customers and give them the appropriate purchasing experience for them and their needs.

This system helps you get a general view of your target and current customers. As this system collects all customer details and data such as:-

  • Personal data (age, physical level, social level)
  • Contact data (mobile number, e-mail, geographic location)
  • Target customer interactions and activity with your products and services
  • Inquiries and specific needs of customers

The details and information collected by the customer service management system help the marketing departments of establishments and commercial activities to develop successful marketing plans and campaigns that achieve the establishment’s objectives.

This system helps the marketing department identify the best marketing mechanisms and methods, communicate with potential customers effectively, and attract more new and targeted customers.

Also, this system enables you to manage and implement all your e-marketing campaigns through social networking sites, know the sources from which your customers come, and analyze the results of these campaigns in general for evaluation and development purposes.

Finally, you can connect the CRM system with the SMS service, and then you can manage all your SMS campaigns and see the messages sent with statistics, dates, contacts, and other features that this system provides when linked to the service.

2- Sales Operations Management

This system from Bevatel enables you to manage and implement all sales operations of your organization or activity through many options, tools, and features enabling your sales staff to accomplish and follow up on tasks in a more professional manner.

This system enables your sales staff to conduct all the sales processes in real-time and from A to Z by contacting the target customers and pushing them in the sales pipelines to close the sale process.

We can clarify the steps of conducting sales operations through CRM in points as follows:-

  • Communicate with target customers
  • Create financial offers and send them to them
  • Persuading and negotiating with target customers
  • Sending financial invoices

This system also provides sales managers with many tools and features to track the workflow of the sales staff periodically, with reports and statistics, and to see all sales operations and tasks carried out by the employees.

Then you can see the following:-

  • New sales opportunities
  • Successful sales processes for each employee
  • Pending Sales Operations
  • Unclosed Deals
  • Disinterested customers

This system enables you to view the tasks that each employee performs daily, the schedule of appointments and meetings for each employee, the sales opportunities responsible for them, and other details that help you view the workflow of the sales department, evaluate performance, identify weaknesses and strengths and then put a plan to develop the staff performance, achieve company goals, and improve and increase sales and profits.

3- Technical support management and development

The CRM system from Bevatel helps you manage and develop technical support performance and provide better and more professional service and assistance to customers through technical support tickets of the system.

Through technical support tickets, technical support staff can provide appropriate support and assistance to customers by opening a new technical support ticket for each customer problem.

Through technical support tickets, technical support staff can view customer problems and communicate with them to examine and solve the problem and provide appropriate support.

In general, the customer relationship management system helps the technical support department of institutions and commercial activities obtain an overall view of frequented customer problems, develop effective and comprehensive solutions to all these problems. And then, you improve the quality of products and services and make them more professional, easy to use.

4- Stores Management

A CRM system provides you with plenty of options and tools that enable you to manage your organization’s or business’s warehouses from A to Z.

Through the Bevatel CRM program, you can manage the balance of products in your company’s stores and see the quantities of products available and sold daily, weekly, monthly, and around-the-clock basis.

This system also enables you to manage all supplier and customer transactions regarding your products, and finally, you can also issue financial invoices and send them to suppliers.

5- Project Management

The CRM system enables you to manage all projects of your entire organization or business from A to Z

This system allows you to create tasks, distribute them to employees, set deadlines for task delivery, track the project implementation workflow periodically. And then you create and distribute new tasks, and so on.

5 Reasons make CRM System a marketing & sales in 2022

6- API Integration of different systems

One of the most prominent advantages of the Bevatel customer service management system is that: you can integrate it with many systems and applications that help you develop business for your establishment or business.

One of the most prominent systems that you can integrate with the CRM program is the cloud call center system and the SMS platform.

Integrating into the Call Center system provides you with many benefits to pay customers connected in the sales pipelines. As soon as a customer calls your unified number, it shows the CRM sales staff that there are new sales opportunities + caller details and needs.


Bevatel CRM system is the best advanced, versatile, and feature-rich cloud call center solution that helps the establishments’ and businesses’ marketing, sales, and technical support departments develop their performance, achieve corporate goals, and increase sales and profits.

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