How to Create WhatsApp Chatbots without Coding with Bevatel

WhatsApp Business Solutions from Bevatel

Bevatel offers WhatsApp Business API services for enterprises and businesses with professional features and versatile options that help different departments in customer service, sales, and technical support to communicate more effectively with customers and, develop automated customer service, sales, and technical support processes and even increase sales and profits.

Bevatel enables businesses and enterprises to connect WhatsApp Business API with the unified Bevatel Business Chat platform for communication channels.

Thus, you can easily access the WhatsApp API service through the Bevatel platform, and then you can get all the advanced WhatsApp features and benefits of the Bevatel platform.

Using the Bevatel platform, you can easily create various WhatsApp Chatbots Conversations scenarios supported by artificial intelligence and add messages with many answers and details that respond to customer questions and inquiries about your products or services.

You can also take advantage of other WhatsApp Business API features through the Bevatel Business platform, such as creating and executing WhatsApp broadcast campaigns.

You can also get comprehensive and detailed reports on all WhatsApp conversations, whether direct or automated, and comprehensive reports on all customer service, sales, and technical support employees. All of these reports help you evaluate and improve performance.

WhatsApp Chatbots Conversations enable companies to communicate more effectively with customers in real-time, offering various benefits for technical support, sales, and customer service.

WhatsApp Chatbots Conversations provide your customers a real-time, automated chat experience directly within the Bevatel messaging app. 

These conversations may be based on a set of fundamental elements/rules consisting of a series of predetermined key interactions, providing a more organized and structured customer experience. 

They may also incorporate Natural Language Processing (NLP) to achieve a more impactful and human-like conversation.

Advantages of WhatsApp Chatbot Conversations

Bevatel offers enterprises and businesses a WhatsApp Bot for full-scale customer communication with several advantages, spanning marketing, sales, technical support, and customer service. Here are some key benefits:

  • Communicate in real-time with target customers, allowing them to promptly respond to AI-supported automated chat responses within their preferred messaging app.
  • Deliver a personalized experience for each customer based on their history and data, tailoring interactions to their needs.
  • Facilitate customer communication, as customers can respond to AI-supported automated conversations at their convenience without needing immediate replies (Conversations won’t be closed or lost.).

WhatsApp Chatbot Interface

In its early stages, WhatsApp chatbots interfaces were visually simple, and customers had to input their choices manually. 

With continuous WhatsApp updates, Meta has added quick reply buttons and the ability to choose appropriate responses from the chatbot’s scenarios.

This feature allows customers to interact with the chatbot faster and more efficiently.

WhatsApp Chatbots Conversations interface includes many features that help improve the customer experience and develop communication mechanisms with customers through AI-supported conversations.

 List messages are one of the standout features, allowing the display of up to 10 options. 

On the other hand, WhatsApp buttons are a practical feature for providing customers with information quickly and easily, responding to their inquiries.

In general, list messages and buttons are essential and effective means to guide both current and new customers through WhatsApp chatbots interactions without customers having to write any words in the chatbot.

WhatsApp Chatbot Conversation Content

Regarding automated WhatsApp chat messages, automatic responses should be concise and simplified, as long text paragraphs mean an overload of information.

Customers always want to receive answers to their queries quickly and easily, and you can meet this expectation with concise and fast chatbot scenarios.

Bevatel experts recommend several guidelines for creating professional messages for AI-supported chatbots, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Quantity of Information: WhatsApp chatbots messages should include specific, valuable information without overloading the content with excessive details.
  2. Quality: Message content should be clear and high-quality to be more engaging and impactful for customers.
  3. Style: Messages should be as concise as possible, and information should be presented logically.

These guidelines ensure that WhatsApp Chatbots Conversations provide users with a smooth and efficient conversational experience.

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