How to Use Bevatel Bot for managing Customer Service

How to Use Bevatel Bot for managing Customer Service

How to Use Bevatel Bot Technologies to Double the Customer Service Automation Efficiency 

Customer service automation is one of the latest artificial intelligence technologies that have become the foundation of business success and a primary reason for developing sales and profits.

Bevatel Business Chat is one of the most popular and essential business messaging systems that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

It includes many tools, features, and options that help corporates and activities automate customer service and technical support processes, and then develop sales and profits.

In the following paragraphs, we will learn in detail about the automated customer service that the Bevatel Bot platform provides and how to benefit from it to develop customer service.

What is customer service automation?

Customer service automation uses technology to simplify and speed up customer service processes to work automatically.

These processes include answering frequently asked questions, processing requests, and solving problems.

Automating these tasks can improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Here are the most prominent advantages of customer service automation in points:

  • Improve customer experience: Bevatel Bot platform can help improve customer experience by providing faster and more accurate support.
  • For example, chatbots can answer frequently asked questions 24/7, and workflow automation systems can automatically respond to requests.
  • Reduce costs: Bevatel system can help reduce costs by reducing the number of customer service staff.
  • Increase productivity: Customer service automation can help increase productivity by allowing customer service agents to do more complicated tasks.

Automating customer service tasks

Managing large volumes of inquiries is a significant challenge for support teams. Manual, repetitive tasks such as answering simple inquiries, entering contact information, and transferring conversations to the relevant department or employee can place a heavy workload on agents.

As a result, customer service staff may need help to provide high-quality support and quick responses to urgent issues.

Customers may also experience frustration and dissatisfaction when their expectations are not met, and their problems still need to be solved for long periods.

One way to address these challenges is to automate manual tasks.

Automating these tasks can free up staff time to focus on critical issues and improve customer experience.

For example, companies can use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions and collect customer information. 

They can also use workflow automation to guide customers through a pre-defined path from when they send the first message until they reach an employee.

By automating manual tasks, support teams can improve efficiency and customer experience.

This feature helps to increase customer satisfaction and retention and save companies costs.

Automating Customer Service to Simplify Operations

Bevatel Bot is designed to provide various tools that aim to facilitate the process of automatic support. 

Let’s look at some examples of how it can be applied to customer service automation.

Some of the most prominent mechanisms for simplifying customer service operations are as follows:

  • Sending greeting and closing messages for the conversation
  • Automatic response to customer inquiries
  • Sending pre-chat forms to collect customer information
  • Automatically assign conversations to the relevant team/employee
  • Sending CSAT or customer satisfaction surveys
  • Monitoring and evaluating employee performance

Sending greeting and closing messages for the conversation

Customers usually expect to get quick responses from companies. 

However, it isn’t easy to achieve this, especially if your business is not open 24/7. 

This is why managing their expectations when they contact you outside of business hours is essential.

Bevatel Business Chat allows companies and institutions to send welcome and end-of-conversation messages to customers in similar cases. 

You can use these messages to inform customers of the expected response time and to tell them about business hours.

Automatic response to customer inquiries

Creating a list of frequently asked questions and implementing them automatically is one of the effective ways to simplify customer support and provide quick solutions.

Companies can collect and organize the answers to frequently asked questions and apply them to chatbot scenarios using customer service automation technologies by Bevatel Business Chat.

 This way, customers can easily access information and find answers to their inquiries without employee intervention.

If customers cannot find the solution they need, an option to ask open-ended questions or escalate the matter to an employee can be offered.

Sending Pre-Chat Surveys to Collect Customer Information

Collecting customer information is essential for effective support, allowing agents to access important details about the customer’s background.

Using the Bevatel Bot platform and customer service automation technologies, you can send pre-chat forms to collect valuable contact information and gain a more specific understanding of a particular issue.

These forms can be designed to extract essential information such as name, email, phone number, or any other relevant information.

With all the essential information easily accessible, agents can accurately identify and address the needs and preferences of each customer.

This feature lets them quickly provide customized solutions, solve problems effectively, and secure exceptional support.

Automatically Assigning Conversations to the Relevant Team/Employee

To ensure that customers get the help they need, you need to make it easy for them to connect with the employee who can solve their problems.

You can achieve this goal by using automation to route customers in Bevatel Business Chat and assign them to the appropriate team or employee.

You can customize your routing settings according to your specific needs, such as language preferences, the routing type based on working hours, and so on.

In addition, you can set up conversations to be automatically routed based on your own task logic, such as distributing conversations between employees, distributing conversations evenly between support team members, or counting dedicated agents for high-value customers.

By using customer service automation in Bevatel, businesses can ensure that customer inquiries are processed effectively, eliminating the need for manual assignments by managers and ensuring that employees are only selected for conversations with proper supervision.

Sending CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is critical in assessing the success and quality of the support provided to your company’s customers. 

With Bevatel Business Chat, you can easily create and send customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT).

After completing the conversation with the customer, you can automatically activate these surveys or start them manually by pressing the shortcut button.

To keep the survey answers, you can use the Google Sheets Row Step add-on to store the data in your Google Sheets or the HTTP Request step to save the survey answers to your CRM system or database.

Monitoring and Evaluating Employee Performance

Bevatel Business Chat reports allowing companies and businesses to monitor the performance of customer service or sales employees using advanced analytics and detailed statistics.

Companies can benefit from these reports to track response times, number of conversations, and other key performance indicators.

Bevatel bot allows managers to get comprehensive and detailed reports and use filters to get accurate insights into the performance of teams and users.

Using the reporting unit, managers can evaluate employee performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and then use the results to improve team performance and develop business processes.

Are you ready to develop your business and double your sales and profits? The customer service automation technologies provided by Bevatel Business Chat will help you enhance customer service and technical support processes and even increase profits using artificial intelligence technologies and unlimited benefits in a single system for all social media.

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