4 reasons why you choose VOIP devices for communication

4 reasons why you choose VOIP devices for communication

4 reasons why you choose VOIP devices for communication

You may have heard that term before, haven’t you! It may be known as VOIP devices or VOIP products, but do you know what that shortcut means?! Very simply, it is an abbreviation of the term Voice over the Internet Protocol, a group of devices that operate with the technology of voice transfer over the Internet, a modern method that has revolutionized the world of traditional communications, this advanced technology has added the possibility of connecting voice calls through the Internet, and therefore several individuals are communicated at the same time through those devices as soon as they connect to the Internet.


It can be difficult for many to understand how this modern technology works, how it works, and how it communicates with ease! These devices are made with precision and sensitivity to operate in several stages, where they begin their work by VOIP technology converts voice signals or what is known as Analog Signals from your mobile to digital signals, and then this technology divides all these digital signals into a set of packages after well compressed, in the end, that complex process can be summarized as devices or products made to use IP to send the set of signals that have been made Pre-compress them into packages in several tracks across the same data network, and then those packages reach the future on the other side, and then those digital signals turn into clear sound signals to be understood.


As we can see, it is a sophisticated technology that has helped a large segment of companies and organizations improve the quality of communication, and build interactive communication with all customers, as these devices are multiple to include all the communications that any business may need, including:

  1. Headsets
  2. IP phones
  3. Pbx
  4. Gateways
  5. Conferencing Endpoint

First: Headsets

It is a type of VOIP device whose function is to perform sound transmission in the best quality and high purity, where it transmits voice signals to digital signals and vice versa, and has many characteristics including:

  • It has high durability and quality
  • They may be wired or wireless headphones
  • It may be equipped with or without Bluetooth
  • Allows you to control the volume
  • Suitable for making all kinds of calls
  • Equipped with a soft ear pad to provide maximum ear rest
  • It can be worn for long periods without causing discomfort
  • Fit for different head sizes
  • Compatible with computers, smartphones, and other audio devices
  • Highly sensitive in capturing nearby and accurate sounds
  • Blocks and cancels ambient noise


Second: IP Phones

It is a type of VOIP device whose function is to receive and direct different calls, it allows the possibility of internal communication between the company’s employees, or external communication with customers and other callers with ease and the best quality, and has many characteristics including:

  • Easy-to-play user interface
  • High-quality backlit screen
  • Supports Bluetooth and headphones
  • Suitable for making and receiving all kinds of calls
  • Supports call conversion and routing service
  • Supports call waiting
  • Allows conference call service
  • Equipped with a high-quality speaker
  • More than one VOIP line
  • Wired and wireless speakers
  • Supports Wi-Fi


Third: Pbx

It is a type of VOIP device, which is one of the smartest systems of remote communication, it is a network central like a cabin connected to IP, and has many characteristics including:

  • Conference call making
  • VoIP-free talk
  • Call Center can be activated
  • Several branches can be linked via the Internet
  • Supports many conversions
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Supports call conversion and routing service
  • Call waiting
  • Landline and fax ports
  • Supports more than a dozen simultaneous calls at the same time
  • The possibility of recording welcome messages


These are just some of the types of VOIP devices, as well as the so-called Gateways as well as the different Conferencing Endpoint for medium and large companies, and all these devices work to achieve high-quality interactive communication, where we can summarize some of the features of these devices in the following paragraphs:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Facilitate communication
  3. Maintaining privacy
  4. Flexible and easy use


4 reasons why you choose VOIP devices for communication


First feature: Cost savings

Compared to the high costs charged by landlines, we find that VoIP devices save us a lot, they reduce costs for customers and corporate owners as well, especially in the case of international calls, it is a fast internet connection, providing lower cost and higher quality services.


The second feature: Facilitate communication

One of the most important obstacles caused by traditional means of communication is the difficulty of communication between customers, companies, or business activities, as the old devices do not have the advantage of flexibility or ease, they require presence at the company’s headquarters or office, and some traditional devices are limited to certain geographical areas or countries may not support international communication, which hinders communication more between companies and their customers, while we find that online audio transmissions help you achieve flexible, easy and low-cost communication, you will not have to Whether you or your employees are at your company’s headquarters, VOIP devices will be able to contact your customers and employees from anywhere remotely and online, and even communicate with your customers from inside and outside Saudi Arabia.


Feature 3: Maintaining Privacy

One of the most important advantages that has made these modern products overcome all traditional means is to maintain confidentiality and privacy, one of the major drawbacks of traditional means is the problem of the lack of privacy of calls, many gaps may occur during calls in those old systems, which may lead to penetration and leak important information that may harm the company or its employees and customers, contrary to what we find in VoIP products of security, privacy, and complete confidentiality.



Feature 4: Flexible and easy use

One of the most important advantages of these devices is their ease of installation and operation, and the simplicity of their use, and they do not require technicians and complexity while repairing their malfunctions, which made them one of the preferred means for many companies and business activities but will be one of the most important steps and methods that will help you to communicate better with your customers, which Bevatel offers you with different specifications as you like and what your business needs, so feel free to communicate with us now.

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