The importance of the CRM system for digital marketing to increase sales

The importance of the CRM system for digital marketing

CRM System is one of the most important and indispensable modern cloud call center solutions for organizations and businesses that seek to improve the performance of customer service, marketing, technical support, and sales.

The CRM program from Bevatel is the best system that Saudi companies and commercial activities utilize to manage customer interactions and data and analyze sales opportunities through many tools and options that enable you to improve and develop the work mechanisms of customer service management, sales, marketing, and technical support.

Digital marketing is one of the most important elements that institutions and commercial activities rely on to reach their target customers, achieve their goals, and even increase sales and profits.

Therefore, the use of CRM software for digital marketing is an essential step for the success of any organization or business and helps marketing staff to accomplish their tasks easily and in a more professional manner.

What is the CRM System from Bevatel?

The CRM program is the latest professional system that enables you to manage, follow up and analyze all interactions and data of your target, existing and new customers through several tools and modules that allow you to implement the entire sales process and provide better customer service, and technical support.

In addition to the advantages and professional tools that this system provides that provide the marketing department of institutions and commercial activities with integrated details, data, and analyses that enable them to develop the performance of marketing departments and achieve better results for digital marketing campaigns.

The importance of a customer service management system for digital marketing

The CRM system provides many tools and advantages for managing and developing digital marketing for institutions and commercial activities, and we can mention the most prominent of these advantages in brief points as follows:-

  • Automation of digital marketing processes
  • Gathering target customer data and identifying potential customers
  • Managing digital marketing campaigns (through social media and e-mail)
  • Analytical reports about clients
  • Interconnection with other systems and programs

 Marketing Automation

The customer service management system enables you to implement all digital marketing operations for your organization or business automatically through some tools, features, and options that enable you to implement marketing operations in a faster and more professional manner.

Collect target customers data and identify potential customers

Bevatel CRM system enables you to collect target customers data for your organization or business through highly efficient system tools that have a great ability to keep all customer data interested in the company’s services.

The data that this system provides to you includes integrated details about the interests and attitudes of your target customers towards your products or services, and your competitors’ products and services.

Through this system, you can manage the interactions of your target customers with your products or services, and then extract reports that include data and details about your target customers.

These details and data provided by the CRM system help you identify your target and potential customers accurately and then develop more accurate and professional digital marketing plans and strategies that help you achieve your goals and increase sales and profits.

In addition to obtaining information and details of your target customers, it provides a deep understanding of customers’ needs, preferences, and trends.

Managing e-mail marketing campaigns

Bevatel CRM software enables you to manage the digital marketing campaigns of your organization or business via social media or e-mail through some tools, features, and options that help you reach your target customers accurately and in a faster way.

In general, the data and details provided by this system enable you to accurately target your customers in digital marketing campaigns and create successful, more effective, and cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Analytical reports about clients

Bevatel CRM system provides integrated professional reports about your target, existing and new customers. And these reports provide you with data, professional details, and statistics about customer impressions and trends regarding your products or services.

These reports help you get a general view of your target and current customers and then provide services and products suitable for their needs, preferences, and requirements.

Managing and distributing tasks

This system allows you to create marketing tasks and distribute them to employees and set deadlines for delivery. This system also allows you to follow up on employee tasks:-

  • Completed tasks
  • Pending tasks
  • Overdue tasks
  • Create new tasks

Hence, this system enables you to follow the workflow of the marketing department in your organization or business, evaluate the performance of marketing staff, identify strengths and weaknesses, and even develop a plan to develop performance in general.

User Friendly with computer and mobile

One of the most important advantages of the CRM system from Bevatel is that it is easy to operate through the computer and mobile, and this feature helps the marketing staff to accomplish their tasks in a faster and more professional way online and remotely from anywhere in the cloud and only by connecting to the Internet.

API Integration with systems

You can get more additional advantages in the CRM program from Bevatel by linking the system with the different advanced call centers from Bevatel and other systems such as the cloud call center system, Bevatel Social service to connect social media and ERP system.

And then, this feature helps you get more advantages after linking it with the systems and even helps you get data, analyses, and results that help you improve marketing performance.

Why do many institutions and businesses recommend using CRM software to improve the performance of digital marketing management?

Many organizations and businesses recommend using the CRM system from Bevatel for digital marketing for many reasons, and because of the many professional advantages that this system provides, as well as because of the importance of Bevatel, the leader in modern cloud call center solutions.

We can mention the most prominent of these reasons and advantages in brief points as follows:-

  • Bevatel is a leading company licensed and approved by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  • Bevatel Customer Service Management System is an integrated system of services and benefits for marketing, sales, technical support, and customer service management.
  • This system enables institutions and commercial activities to execute many routine tasks automatically, quickly, and more professionally.
  • Bevatel provides professional after-sales services and technical support for free throughout the subscription period.
  • Bevatel provides modern cloud call center services through specialized and professional experts in call center and customer service at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.
  • Bevatel Customer Service Management System is a versatile system that can be integrated API with many systems.
  • The CRM software from Bevatel works via mobile, computer, and cloud, meaning that you do not need to be in the call center to use it. But you can follow the workflow of the marketing, sales, and technical support department from anywhere.


In general, the CRM system is one of the most essential and indispensable solutions for institutions and commercial activities that seek to develop the performance of their digital marketing department, achieve their commercial goals, create successful and more effective marketing campaigns, and even increase sales and profits.

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