What is the difference between internal and external Gateways?

What is the difference between internal and external Gateways?

What is the difference between internal and external Gateways?

The gateways are the latest VoIP devices that have helped companies connect two networks, acting as an intermediary between types of networks that use different protocols.

Large companies and institutions always rely on internal communication between their employees or external communication with their other branches in different cities or countries using many different devices and networks, but all of this equipment may not be enough due to the need of companies to communicate effectively and strongly with their customers and employees.

So organizations are looking for the best way to enable them to communicate continuously and without interruption between their branches and with their customers even if the devices are different or networks do not work in the same system or Protocol, this is what the world’s leading telecommunications and call center solutions companies have sought to succeed in making the latest devices that help achieve rapid communication for all companies.


This is what we see in our time endless solutions that provide organizations with all the advantages they need to communicate with their customers. The modern communication revolution has brought us a range of smart devices that are designed with modern technology and after advanced studies, they are devices based on VOIP technology to facilitate communication between companies and their customers at the lowest cost, where these products are known as VOIP devices, and in the following article we will address the most important of these devices, which is known as Gateways to know What you do and its types in detail, so don’t miss that special article!


What are VoIP devices? And how do these smart devices work?!

VOIP devices are smart devices that have helped companies get rid of all the barriers and problems of old means of communication, it is a collection of equipment and devices that use voice transmission technology over the Internet or Ip, where voice calls are connected through the Internet, and then many people from any company or between companies and their customers are communicated at the same time through those devices only through their internet connection, they are modern devices that work to achieve effective and continuous communication without breakdowns.


Also, when looking at the technology in which these products operate, they are based on several very smooth and balanced stages, where VOIP technology converts voice signals or what is known as Analog Signals from the phone that sends the signal or communicates to digital signals, and then compresses those digital signals and divides them into a number of groups of packages, and the products of online voice transmission depend on Use the Internet to send those signals that have already been compressed in several tracks across the same data network, and then those packets arrive at the phone that will receive from the sender on the other side, and then those digital signals turn into sound signals.


There are many types of VOIP devices where there are headphones, VOIP phones, Centrals, communication gates, and Conferencing Endpoints, and their functions vary to reach here the tool that helps us connect two or more networks, namely the gateways, which we will address in detail in the next paragraph.


What are the Gateways? And what’s its usefulness?

The nature of the work of VOIP devices depends on voice transmission technology over the Internet, but when there are different devices or networks that use different protocols, in this case, we need a device or product that helps us connect two or more different networks at once to be able to receive signals, or if the devices themselves are different then we need that device that will help us connect those devices easily and without any obstacles, and that’s what they mean. Gateways are one of the smartest modern VoIP devices, whose function is to connect different networks or devices that act as an intermediary between those networks that use different protocols whether using IP protocol, IPX or otherwise, they act as their translator so that we can connect them easily and without any complications, they allow communication between devices connected to one network with each other as well as communication with other different networks, and we will clarify the types of Gateways Each is used in the next paragraph.


What is the difference between internal and external Gateways?


What are the types of gateways? What’s the difference between them?

The Gateways are divided into internal Gateways and external Gateways, each of which will be addressed in detail as follows:


Internal Gateways:

Internal Gateway, a modern VoIP device whose function is to connect the different networks in the protocol but is similar in construction, means that internal Gateways can be used to connect two different networks in the protocol, one using IP protocol and the other using IPX protocol, but both networks are computer networks, or both are mobile networks.


External Gateways:

External Gateway, a smart Web product, is different from internal Gateways because it doesn’t just connect different networks in the protocol! Rather, it connects two or more networks that are completely different in terms of protocol, structure, and techniques used, for example, when networks want to connect mobile and computer networks, or mobile networks to landline networks, and here they act as an intermediary or translator for different networks so that we can easily connect them.


The best types of Gateways for your company?!

There are a lot of types of Gateways, whether internal or external, but your choice depends on the purpose you need from these devices, and the quality of those devices, so if you are looking for the best types of communication portals that help you complete your tasks and communicate with ease, we will offer you a set of the latest communication gates provided by Bevatel with the best prices and the strongest features that make it the first in the Saudi market, the most important of which is :

  1. Yeastar VoIP Gateway TA1610 FXO
  2. Yeastar VoIP Gateway TA810 FXO
  3. Yeastar VoIP Gateway TA410 FXO
  4. Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG400
  5. Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG200
  6. Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG100
  7. Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG1600
  8. Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG800

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