The best softphone applications for 2021 will change your company

the best softphone applications

The best softphone applications for 2021 will change your company

Customers always want easy and fast communication; they don’t like complications! To gain more customers, companies are looking for the fastest and most easy means of communicating with their customers without interruption and at any time, in the end, the customer is the primary and inevitable goal of the success of any company, regardless of its size or type of business.

Hence the emergence of modern softphone applications, which have played a big role in many companies achieving unprecedented success, earning customers and profits more than before! The distance, cost, or even time component is no longer an obstacle to any company or organization, and all businesses can now communicate with all their customers wherever they are at the lowest cost.

To find out all about these programs and how you will make your company gain a lot of weight in the Saudi and international market. Bevatel will help you in the following article to answer all the questions that are on your mind. don’t miss them!

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  1. What are softphone applications?
  2. What are the uses of softphone applications?
  3. The features of the e-phone service

the best softphone applications


1- What are softphone applications?

they are advanced programs that appeared in the modern era and depend on the internet connection, which enables you to send and receive all kinds of calls from your customers whether inquiries, complaints or other, those applications work immediately connected to the Internet, and you can use them from your private mobile or any tablet, and work on all types of smartphone systems whether Android, iPhone or Windows system, as well as easy access to it by computers.

Where softphone applications receive and direct calls to customers anywhere inside or outside Saudi Arabia, will help you reach your customers no matter their size or their location. This is one of the most important ways to help companies reach their customers very easily and at the lowest costs. And has become one of the basic means that we find in any successful organization with huge fan bases.

2- What are the uses of softphone applications?

There are many uses provided by the digital phone application for all companies and organizations. Through that smart application you can use it to send and receive different calls. And even works to send voice mail as well, in addition to evaluating calls, which helps any company to evaluate the quality of service provided by customer service representatives, and can even track the wishes and needs of customers to easily solve their problems, and implement their requests, and thus gain their trust and affiliation.

The e-phone service is easily used through any mobile, whether your or your business, where it can work well and fits all kinds of smartphone systems such as Android and iPhone and this service is also available on computers. Just connect to the Internet and then start your contacts and operations, from anywhere and anytime.

Yes, it is the ideal way to achieve effective and continuous communication with all your customers. And even that genius app from Bevatel can follow your employees in your various branches from anywhere, which will help you to develop customer service in your company. As well as your organization, it is not limited to certain business activities! Whether you’re a government or private enterprise, whether you’re providing products or services, or a developing or advanced company. You can benefit from the services of these programs, smart solutions that help you beat your competitors. Earn your customers, and make satisfactory profits.

3- The features of the e-phone service

softphone applications have many features, and each feature has benefits that your company has when using it. We may be able to limit the most important features to the following points:

  • Ease and flexibility
  • Remote work
  • Sending and receiving calls
  • Recording and redirecting calls
  • Conference calls
  • Privacy and security 

A) Ease and flexibility

One of the most important advantages of the digital phone application is ease and flexibility of use. You can download it with ease from android and iPhone stores. As well as on any other tablet. And you can enjoy its advantages from your computer, just connect it to the Internet. It is an easy-to-use platform that provides you with all the tools you may need to complete your tasks and business.

This software from Bevatel allows you to connect it with high-quality VoIP products. For excellent connectivity with high quality and lower cost, and your customers. Employees can communicate with an easy-to-operate interface without any barriers.

B) Remote work

We come here for a feature that most readers may need! Yes, it is the possibility of working remotely. It is no longer like before you are required to stay in your company office. You cannot leave to be able to monitor the work, and if a circumstance occurs it will hinder communication between you and your customers and employees!. With the benefits of these programs, you will be able to work anywhere. Whether in your home or workplace, and your customers will be able to work online in or out of Saudi Arabia with ease.

C) Sending and receiving calls

Since the main function of this application is to send and receive calls to selected customers without paying a lot of expenses. By connecting to the Internet you will be able to communicate with your customers at high quality and lower costs. And without obstacles such as the failure of traditional means of communication previously, which takes a lot of time to reconnect. And these programs can withstand the pressure of calls due to their adoption on the Internet.

D) Recording and redirecting calls

These are the most important features of the digital phone application, allowing you to record calls, which helps you assess the quality of service provided by customer service representatives, but you will also be able to track the wishes and problems of your customers to work on them quickly and as soon as possible.

It also allows you to transfer calls to the relevant departments, if the caller wants to inquire about a service you can then transfer it to the sales department. And if it wants to report a problem, you can transfer it to the complaints section and so on.

E) Conference calls

There are no longer limits to the services of those programs! Bevatel provides conference call, which allows you to make a conference call with your employees. Customers, or even get to a call that includes your employees and customers the same time. You can now complete all your important meetings through that app. Select the contacts you want to call in simple steps.

F) Privacy and security

One of the most important features of this app is privacy. Confidentiality, and communication security, as Bevatel provides you with highly secure databases. A powerful and impenetrable system that helps you keep your customers’ data and details.

If you would like to learn more about Bevatel’s softphone applications, feel free to contact us!

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