How can you choose the best VOIP service company for 2021?

How can you choose the best VOIP service company for 2021?

What do you offer to your customers? do you offer products and want to market them? Or do you offer services that need to be offered optimally to your customers?! In both cases, dear reader, you certainly need to communicate with your customers in the best way to achieve your marketing goals!


For companies and institutions to communicate with their customers with ease and flexibility, and to avoid any communication problems during the communication process, they always resort to what is known as VOIP devices!, you may be surprised by the name, and you may have heard that term or passed on at one time the term VoIP is an abbreviation of the concept (voice over internet protocol) which began to appear since 1995 to help a large sector of institutions achieve the best and strongest communication performance.


Where the VOIP devices eliminated all the obstacles and difficulties of the traditional devices used earlier, through which companies were able to communicate at a lower cost than before because they depend on internet connectivity compared to the costs of landlines that are always high on customers or as costs for the company or the organization itself, in the case of international calls the price of the call sometimes increases excessively, making it a burden on the customer or the organization, but also speed was one of the most important problems addressed by the VOIP system where In some places, traditional means of communication slowed communication or instability in communication between organizations and their customers, which in turn affected the quality and level of any company.


How can you choose the best VOIP service company for 2021?


On the other hand, the problem of difficulty or stumble of communication due to the distances or techniques used is no longer a crisis after the emerging smart VOIP devices!, to find that they have been able to provide the factor of flexibility or ease and their ability to adapt to different circumstances they do not require being in a specific place such as the headquarters of the company or institution, and are not limited to certain geographical areas and are not affected by the distances as well, but succeeded in solving the problem of use because they do not require a lot of wires or equipment, It also does not need a certain professional or technical level to be used, it is easy to install and operate and very simple to use, and if we look at the problem of continuous disruption or maintenance we find that it is more comfortable for all organizations since the VOIP devices are not exposed to malfunctions or technical problems that may hinder the communication process or affect its quality at any time, and even its safety! These devices provide a powerful and secure system to maintain data privacy that is not compromised on the connection.


Perhaps the most important question here is what is the nature of these devices and how do they work? We will simplify the answer to be aware of all about these advanced devices, in fact after companies have been exposed to many serious problems and mistakes, especially during communication between international and famous brands with their customers, this evolving boom has emerged in the world of communications and which has prompted a large segment of companies to rely on them, through these devices voice calls are connected through the Internet, where the VOIP devices are represented in a variety of products that regulate the process of communication through VoIP, so companies or organizations can communicate with their customers online with ease.


The VOIP technology converts voice signals from the phone that sends the signal to digital signals, and then compresses those digital signals and divides them into several groups of packets, and then those signals that have already been compressed are sent in several tracks through the same data network, and then those packages reach the phone that will receive from the sender on the other side, and then those digital signals turn into sound signals and are made through a set of Products such as headphones, VOIP phones, Centrals, communication gates, and meeting rooms.


Now let’s come to ask our basic article’s question, “How can you choose the best VOIP services company for 2021?”


This question is the first and essential step if any company owner or organization manager wishes to improve the process of communicating with his customers and develop it to the required level, to get advanced and modern VoIP devices in addition to the high-quality VOIP system you have to choose accurately and cautiously the company that will provide you with all your needs appropriately and effectively that serves the goals of your company or organization.


Not every company offers good or reliable VOIP services! There are some conditions or criteria that ensure that the company you will choose is appropriate and can be relied upon for its services, one of the most important of those criteria or conditions is (diversity) which means that the company services devices of VOIP devices must be able to provide all kinds of VOIP products needed by your project or company, and even that these products vary between the different characteristics and advantages that can provide you, as we mentioned earlier there are many VOIP devices as headphones which is a core and essential VOIP device that helps transmit sound in the best quality and high purity, it transmits sound signals to digital signals and vice versa, if your project needs it, the company should provide you with all kinds of headphones with a variety of advantages such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, sensitivity in capturing sounds, or its ability to block noise and other features.


There is also what is known as VOIP phones that allow you to communicate internally between employees, or external contact with customers and other callers, it receives and directs different calls between a number of individuals at the same time, if your project needs it, the company must provide you with all kinds of VOIP phones with various advantages such as smart user interface, or its ability to support features such as call transfer and record incoming customer calls, in addition to the advantage of making group calls between more than two people, and if we mention Centrals or what is known as Pbx, which resembles a cabin connected to IP, so that you can receive and direct the largest number of calls without any problems, if your project needs it, the company must provide you with all kinds of centrals with a variety of advantages such as the ability to receive local or international calls outside the Kingdom, the possibility of transferring, saving and downloading data, with the possibility of distributing calls between company employees and supporting the largest number of transfers at the same time!


The VOIP Services Company should also provide you with the so-called gateway devices, whose function is to connect different networks or devices that act as a mediator between those networks that use different protocols, it allows you to communicate between devices connected to one network together as well as to connect with different networks, if your project needs it the company must provide you with all kinds of internal and external communication gates with various advantages such as the advantage of having secure and powerful databases and being Impenetrable, let’s get to the last device, known as meeting rooms, which creates audio and visual communication between a number of individuals at the same time, so if your project needs it, the company should provide you with various types of meeting rooms with a variety of advantages such as high quality video, audio and image, with the ability to communicate from different places, as well as the ability to share and view files, documents or images.


Not only is diversity the primary criterion for judging that the VOIP services company of your choice will be appropriate, but there is a standard (privacy and confidentiality) you can imagine a company providing you with devices that help you hack and steal your information and customer data! Therefore, one of the most important conditions is to maintain confidentiality and privacy, the company must provide you with advanced devices with modern systems that are not compromised or loopholes that may result from the leaking of any important information from your company.


Let’s come to the third condition, which is one of the most important criteria that helps to perform the work more effectively (technical support), simply you may wake up one day to find all your company devices disabled for any reason, which is possible, but in this case, it is not likely to wait for support or slow customer service, all your work and relationships with your customers depend on the continuous communication between both of you, so it is an important condition to choose a company that provides you with periodic maintenance, 24-hour customer service, and strong and fast technical support so that it can help as soon as you need it and in the desired form!


These are some of the conditions and standards that may help you choose a high quality and professional VoIP services company, and this is what Bevatel offers you, it is the first Saudi leading telecommunications company and call center solutions, where we offer VOIP devices according to the nature of your company and business, as well as according to your needs and size of your customers, to improve the mechanism of your business and improve the quality of your contact with your customers, to gain the trust of your existing customers and reach your target customers and develop your business at competitive prices, you want to know more! Get in touch with us now.

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