10 Steps to create a professional Call Center System for your business

Steps to create a professional Call Center System

10 Steps to Create a Professional Call Center System for your business

Professional call center system establishing depends on some strategies and needs many arrangements and plans besides some resources, implementation, and follow-up elements.

For an integrated contact center, there are many steps that you must take till you finally get a professional call center for your business.

We will briefly try to clarify these steps in this topic.

 But first, let’s recognize what the contact center means.

10 Steps to create a professional Call Center System

What is the Call Center system?

The word Call Center is an English word that consists of two parts: –

The first: Call. The second is the Center.

So, it is the center where you can make and execute many of your business calls.

A contact center is an integrated place equipped with all devices, systems, human resources, and all objects needed to operate this center that enables you to make and receive calls through these systems and devices.

Due to the companies’ activities expansion, the Contact Center establishment has become a popular and essential solution for many businesses.

 Especially. Companies that have large customer numbers need an integrated system to make and receive calls.

And since the idea of an integrated Call Center system for your company is vital, the steps of establishing, planning, and executing are also.

Therefore, we will try to highlight these steps detailed and comprehensively in the following paragraphs:

  1. Calls Objectives Recognizing.
  2.  Purposes & Uses Recognize.
  3. System Capabilities & Budget Customization.  
  4. Systems & Technical Feature recognizes.
  5. Human Resources Determination.
  6. Resources & Objects Needed Determination.
  7. Suitable Headquarters for the Calling.
  8. Contact Center Testing.
  9. Customer Service Staff Recruitment
  10.  New staff training.


1- Calls Center Objectives Recognizes:

Companies that establish a call center system seek to achieve specific objectives through this center.

These objectives differ according to the vision and capabilities of each company and what they seek.

Always customer service is just a means companies use to achieve their goals.

And we can mention the most prominent of these objectives in the following points:

  • Company Services & Products Spreading.
  • Getting New Customers.
  • Brand Awareness Increasing.
  • Technical Support & Solving Problems.
  • Customer Satisfaction Increasing.
  • Sales & Profits Increase

And to achieve these objectives, there are many purposes that companies depend on to reach their goals, and these purposes are the methods the company uses for its call center.


2- Purposes & Uses Recognize:

Purposes and uses recognition is the first and logical step for any business when planning to establish a call service.

There are many purposes for many businesses to set up their call center.

These purposes certainly differ from one company to another according to the different objectives, the vision of each company, and its customers’ communication methods.

Also, the c

Companies’ capabilities and activities affect the needs and objectives generally.

The prime purpose of Integrated call center creation is related to the future vision and objectives of the companies seek.

We can mention some of the most popular purposes that make companies establish a call center system through some points, as follows:

  • Potential customers’ Contacting & turning them into real ones.
  • Customers’ Orders & Reservations Receive.
  • Customer inquiries & Questions Answering.
  • Account operations needed Executing for the customers.
  • Receiving calls for other companies.
  • Customers Complaints, Suggestions, and Maintenance requests received.


3- System capabilities & Budget Customization:

You should determine your contact center system’s capabilities according to your business needs, objectives, and customized budget.

Your call center capabilities mean the number of lines, devices, and calls the number you want to make and receive.

As for your contact service budget, you should determine it according to your business capabilities and objectives. Besides technical features determining the technical features, you want in your call center.


4- Systems & Technical Feature Recognizes:

To create a professional call center system for your business, you should determine the best suitable systems needed and technical features according to your needs and objectives.  

Before discussing the most popular customer service systems, you must know your customers’ preferred communication channels and the volume of data needed to be stored to help the customers. 

Before the systems need customization, you must recognize your products and service details.

We can mention the latest systems needed to create your company’s professional call center as follows:

  • Cloud Call Center.
  • CRM System

All companies need a lot of technical features, and these features differ from one company to another according to the needs and objectives of each company.

We can mention some of the technical features and services that the calling center needs at these points: –

  • Calls Forwarding & Recording.

  • IVR Service.

  • Auto-connect feature.

  • Auto-Dialer feature.

  • API Integration feature for different systems.

  • Voice mail feature.

 These technical features are not the only ones companies choose to meet their needs and requirements.

There are many technical features for customer service management; these features make communication with customers better and faster.

After systems and technical features are needed to determine, you should start to link all the call center solutions.


5- Human Resources Determination:

The human resource planning process is one of the most important planning steps for establishing professional call centers.

Then, you can provide a professional and satisfying service for your customers.

For successful human resource planning, some elements must be determined in this step, as follows:

  • The number of employees required.

  • In detail, the salaries of call center employees.

  • Qualifications and experience required.

  • Languages must be fluent. ​​

When you determine your staff number needed, remember the number of expected calls and the average call duration.

You can’t ignore your business’ financial and technical capabilities and the budget customized for human resources. 

You must consider all these elements with your business needs, requirements, and objectives.


6- Resources & Objects Needed Determination:

You will need many devices, tools, and objects to create a professional call center system for your company.

Then, to have a professional call center, you can’t ignore these factors:

  • Landlines and Unified Numbers.

  • Call Center Operators for landlines FXO gateways.

  • Call center devices for GSM gateway lines.

  • Sip lines Devices & Computers.

  • Employees’ Offices & Seats.

  • Headphones & Office phones.


7- Suitable Headquarters for the customer service

Before running a professional call center, choosing the best suitable headquarter for your needs and objectives is necessary.

It is preferable to choose your headquarters near the communication service providers.

And it should have a suitable space for your requirements, meaning that this headquarters should accommodate the number of employees required in their offices with computers and their seats.

You must remember the budget customized for Customer Service when you choose your headquarters location.

 While at the same time, your call center system headquarters should accommodate all requirements, tools, and devices.

 When you choose your company location, it should be very close to the main roads and transportation lines.

So, the staff can easily reach the center’s headquarters on time.

 And then, the lack of transportation lines does not cause them to arrive at work late or cause them to reach their homes late.


8- Call Center Testing

After selecting the best suitable location for your call center’s headquarters and after bringing all the devices, objects, and tools needed for a professional-client center service, you must test your call center in general; 

  • Contact center devices and systems testing
  • Headphones, lines, and technical features testing


9- Call Center Staff Recruitment 

After devices, systems, and technical features are needed to determine, and after the required employees’ qualifications and skills defining, you can start choosing the fittest agents for your contact center.

You must choose your customer service staff among the best applicants.

 And their skills must match the required experience and qualifications.

 In general, your call center agents must understand your target customers’ attitudes and interests.

It is preferable when choosing employees to keep in mind their residence location.

To ensure that they arrive on time and there is no reason to delay them, without breaking out the standards’ efficiency and experience. 

When choosing call center managers for your business, you must focus on their customer management experience and skills.

 Generally, the managers must be familiar with the company’s business and the target customers’ attitudes and needs.

10- New Staff Training 

After selecting your call center agents, you must train them on your business products or services.

Also, you must train them on your business standards, policies, objectives, and vision.

 You must train your call center system staff to understand your target customers’ attitudes and language well.

By making and receiving calls, you can train your customer service agents through Presentations, Role Play training sessions, and performance testing. 

After selecting, training, and qualifying employees to work in your call center, they must be able to: –

  • Solve All Customers’ problems.

  • Answer all Customers’ inquiries about the products & services.

  • Provide customers with full technical support.

  • Contact Potential customers to persuade and turn them into real ones.

  • Understand Target customers and recognize their expected Problems. 

  • Recognize all the company services and product advantages. 

  • Recognize business weaknesses and turn them into advantages.


How much time is needed to create your company’s professional Call Center System?

There is no specific time frame. That is the time required to build your company’s call center.

The time required to establish contact centers depends on many factors that affect the time needed for execution.  

The call center capabilities are from the factors that most affect the time required to create call centers.

 For example:

A customer service that consists of 100 client service agents needs a much longer duration than required to establish another one consisting of 25 agents.

To create a call center with many customer service agents, you need more time to select, train, and qualify the best employees.

Headquarters readiness also affects the time required to establish call centers. 

 Some headquarters may need renovations and edits, while others are fully ready and only need to install devices and run the systems.

The time required to create an integrated data center for your company also depends on the number of communication channels you will use.

For example:

A call center established for making, receiving calls, and dealing with web conversations, e-mails, and social media needs a much longer duration than required to create a call center for only making and receiving calls.

Generally, companies usually need 6 months to create their professional call center system.

Some experts say you can reduce this duration and establish an integrated data center within 3 months only.

But it is always preferable to have an additional time space. Then you can add or modulate something, or you can benefit from this time to well-train the employees if they still need training. 

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