What are SMS services and their categories?

What are SMS services and their categories?

Short message service is one of the most popular services needed for different companies to get better and faster communication with their target customers at the lowest costs.

After mobile usage spreading is increasing and becoming a lifestyle for different individuals and different customer segments, SMS services have become an urgent need for many companies’ establishments. And even many business leaders consider it one of the most important modern marketing tools, that whose importance is no less than digital media channels.

Therefore, through this article, we will highlight the most popular short message services categories that many companies depend on,

We will explain and clarify the following aspects:

  1. What are SMS services?
  2. What are the SMS service categories?

What are SMS services

1. What is an SMS service?

This service is also known as a text message service or SMS mobile service that includes sending a short text message to many target customers for your business within seconds. And with just one click, your message reaches thousands of customers anywhere.

This service mainly aims to deliver short messages from your business’ unified number to your target customers by sending messages to your target customers with your business name in the sender box.

The SMS mobile services usage purposes differ for all companies according to each company’s considerations and objectives.

Although many companies depend on this service as an essential marketing tool to execute successful digital marketing campaigns, many governmental and non-profit establishments use SMS services to communicate with users and individuals and reach their objectives with quick and effective SMS campaigns.

Despite the various establishments and companies’ SMS mobile service usage purposes, there are specific SMS service categories you can choose from them.

2. What are SMS services categories?

There are many SMS Service categories to meet companies’ and establishment’ different needs and purposes. 

We can clarify the most popular SMS Services categories through some points, briefly as follows:

(A) Basic SMS text messages service.

(B) Guider / Directed SMS.

(C)Text messages for specific geographic locations.

(A) Basic SMS text messages service

Basic SMS text message is the traditional or classic form of SMS, and it only consists of text.

This short message includes an idea, service, or special offers that establishments seek to send to the thousands of your targeted customers through some letters.

You can benefit from this service in two ways as follows:

a) Bulk SMS

b) Individual messages

a) Bulk SMS

It is a method used by companies and institutions to send a single text message to the largest number of target customers in seconds and with just one click.

This method is the most widely used and common among many companies and many governmental or non-profit establishments.

        • Dear customer, please note that we will announce

b) Individual messages

This service is also known as smart messages, which depend on the API integration to send a massive number of text messages separately to each one and by his name or send one text message to thousands of individuals. But it reaches each individual by his name.

For example:

      • Dear Ahmed, please note that we will announce
      • Dear Khalid, please note that we will announce

Although this type of service is not as common to use as bulk messages, it is considered one of the latest short message service methods that many international and professional companies depend on,

(B) Directed SMS

This service is one of the most popular SMS services used by thousands of companies around the world.

The mechanism of the directed SMS service focuses on sending a text message attached with a shortened link.

When the target users or customers click on this link, they will automatically go to your online store, website, or mobile application.

In addition to many results that you can get from directed SMS mobile Services usage, and we can mention the most popular of them in points, as follows:

    • Products reservation and services subscription form filling
    • Opinion survey form filling.
    • Customers and user’s data collection and registration

(C) Target specific locations

This service is one of the latest text messaging services and one of the most used -techniques by many different companies.

This service is considered one of the most cost-saving and effort-saving SMS services. It reaches the target audience according to their locations with high accuracy. And then, it assures successful SMS campaign implementation with the highest efficiency and the lowest error rate.

You can benefit from this service in two ways:

The First method

This method involves sending a text message to a massive number of target customers in specific locations.

For example:

      • Text messages sending to the residents of a specific region in Jeddah
      • Text messages sending to your company’s services users in a specific region

The second method

This method is one of the most important and modern SMS mobile service methods, the least expensive and the most effective.

It focuses on sending text messages to existing individuals in a specific region or to the ones who visit a place.

For example:

      • Text messages sent to those who enter Jeddah airport, for example.
      • Text messages sending to those who enter a specific mall or shop 

Why do many companies and establishments use SMS services?

There are many benefits that companies and institutions get by using different SMS mobile services.

 In the earlier part of this article, we mentioned that “purposes and objectives that make companies use SMS messaging services are many and varied.”

We will try to clarify all these purposes and objectives in the next articles, but here we will highlight some SMS mobile service advantages.

These advantages depend on the SMS technical and main features and are not related to the company or institution’s service usage purposes. 

We can mention the most popular reasons for using SMS services through some points and briefly, as follows: 

  • Successful and professional marketing campaigns‘ execution at the lowest possible costs
  • Target users and customers getting with high accuracy and minimal errors
  • API integration with many applications and systems, and then get multiple advantages in one service.
  • Automatically SMS mobile services scheduling at specific dates.

In general, SMS services are the most popular modern digital marketing tools for any business. These services help companies achieve their objectives and reach the target customers accurately at the lowest costs.