SMS Service and Text Message Service Usages for Companies

SMS service is one of the indispensable and advanced cloud call center services for organizations and businesses to communicate with customers for various purposes of marketing, technical support, sales, and customer service.

Bevatel offers these services with many advantages, options, and integrated professional tools that enable institutions and businesses to conduct successful and effective SMS campaigns that help the company achieve its goals professionally and cost-effective

Many establishments and commercial activities rely on SMS for many usages and purposes that help marketing, sales, technical support, and customer service departments accomplish their tasks in an easier and faster way.

Through this article, we will learn about the most prominent advantages of SMS service from Bevatel, its uses, and why thousands of institutions and commercial activities in Saudi Arabia rely on it.

What is SMS text message service?

The SMS service enables you to send short text messages to the lists of mobile numbers of your target or existing customers.

Bevatel provides this service in two ways so that any organization or business can use either of the two methods or use both methods, and we can mention the methods of sending text messages:-

  • Bulk SMS
  • Individual messages

Bulk SMS

With this method, you can send a single SMS to thousands of mobile numbers of your target customers, new or existing customers with one click.

And you can send thousands of Bulk SMS through the Bevatel platform through the following steps:-

  • Uploading the lists of your customers’ mobile numbers on the Bevatel SMS platform
  • Enter the message you want to send
  • Send the message

Using the Bevatel SMS platform, you can send a bulk message to the lists of mobile numbers you want, but for each mobile number, an individual message is assigned (same message but in the name of each person through the API link).

Individual messages

If you do not want to send a bulk to your customers, you can communicate with them by sending a message to each customer separately by selecting the customer’s mobile number, entering the message you want to send to him, and then pressing the send button.

SMS text message service Usages

Organizations and businesses rely on SMS for many usages and purposes for marketing, technical support, after-sales, and sales departments.

It is worth noting that this service is one of the indispensable services for charitable and non-profit organizations because of its role in achieving the institution’s objectives and communicating with the target audience and others. We can summarize the uses of text messages in points as follows:-

  • For marketing purposes
  • Uses for after-sales services
  • For governmental and non-profit organizations

Usages of SMS for Marketing

Marketing departments of organizations and businesses can use text messages for many purposes that help them develop performance, achieve marketing goals, and even increase profits and sales.

Where any company can take advantage of SMS services for all marketing purposes, and we can mention the most prominent uses of this service for marketing in points briefly as follows:-

  • Introducing the company and increasing brand awareness
  • Implementation of marketing campaigns for the company’s products and services
  • Promote new products and services issued by the company
  • Announcing new offers and discounts

SMS usages for sales and after-sales services

Sales and after-sales departments of organizations and businesses depend on SMS service; As it helps them complete and complete all tasks in a faster and more professional way. Where the sales staff and account managers can use this service for the following purposes:-

  • Send invoices and financial offers in a text message with a link
  • Sending text messages to notify customers of subscription renewal dates
  • Send any advice, instructions, or updates regarding your products or services

SMS Service and Text Message Service Usages

SMS usages for government and non-profit organizations

Thousands of many governmental and non-profit organizations rely on the SMS service to communicate with the target audience for many purposes :-

  • Fundraising for charities
  • Awareness against certain diseases or issues in the community
  • Notify individuals of the latest developments and news
  • Conducting surveys on some issues and topics
  • Gathering certain information about the target audience

Activate the SMS service

Bevatel allows institutions and commercial activities to operate the SMS service through several methods, which we briefly explain through the following points:-

  • Bevatel activates the SMS service for you through the Bevatel text message portal in the Bevatel cloud call center system or the customer relationship management system.
  • Bevatel can also do the service for you through the website of your organization or business by linking it to the messaging service through the Gateway SMS

To take advantage of this service, Bevatel provides you with an electronic SMS account that includes:

  • User name
  • Password

This account gives you many options and features that enable you to keep track of your messaging campaigns, view your remaining and consumed message package, and other details that help you get an overview of your campaigns.

The most prominent advantages of Bevatel SMS services

Bevatel provides SMS text messaging services with many professional benefits to organizations and businesses. So that they can communicate with their customers more professionally and effectively.

We cannot discuss all the advantages of this service from Bevatel in one article or page, But we can briefly mention some of them in points as follows:-

  • Send by your business name
  • API Integration

Send by your business name

This service allows you to send many text messages to your target customers and the tour numbers that you want to communicate within the name of your organization or business or any name you want to send every time.

This feature is effective for your organization or business brand awareness purposes, instead of sending your messages to customers with your organization or business’s unified number or mobile number.

API Integration

One of the most important advantages of SMS service from Bevatel is that you can link it with your website, email, and mobile application of your organization or business, using the API connection.

This feature allows you to automatically send SMS messages to users who have visited your website, store, or mobile app of your organization or business.

You can also automatically send SMS messages to users who have purchased one or more of your products or who have booked any of your services through your business website or mobile app.


In general, the SMS text message service is one of the most prominent advanced cloud call center services, indispensable to organizations and businesses to develop the performance of their customer service, sales, and technical support departments, achieve their goals, and increase sales and profits.