Now, Bavaya is Bevatel for advanced contact center solutions and services

Now, Bavaya is Bevatel for advanced contact center solutions and services

We always seek to develop contact center services by providing cloud contact center solutions with additional and more professional features, and high-performance techniques.

As per our services and solutions regular development, we have changed our brand name from Bavaya to Bevatel with a new website, with the same services, solutions and with more professional additional features and services.

In this page, we will try to highlight Bevatel contact center solutions and services with some additional services and advantages.

Bevatel for Advanced Contact Center Solutions

As we always develop our services and solutions, we have changed our brand name from Bavaya to Bevatel with the same distinctive contact center services and with new more professional services and features.

We can mention some of Bevatel new additional features as follows:-

CRM Mobile Application

CRM mobile application is a professional new feature that Bevatel provides to manage a CRM system via mobile and from anywhere with all traditional CRM system and with more professional features.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is one of the advanced contact center solutions that we provide, Bevatel WhatsApp Business enables you to receive all your platforms chats (such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram…etc.) on a unified platform. Also, this system can be integrated with many systems like cloud call center and CRM.

Bevatel Solutions and Services

Bevatel provides advanced call center services and solutions to enable businesses and establishments to obtain an integrated professional contact center with high-quality services at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Bevatel has experts, specialists, and technicians in developing various call center systems and, making it the leading company to provide all call center services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the following paragraphs, we will mention what Bevatel provides of contact center services and solutions for companies.

Bevatel Contact Center Solutions

Bevatel provides advanced contact center’ integrated solutions to help companies and establishments get the best suitable contact centers for their services.

So, Bevatel provides many valuable solutions to get a professional integrated contact center at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

We can Bevatel contact center solutions in some points, as follows:-


Bavaya Became Bevatel


Cloud Call Center System

Bevatel Cloud Call Center is the latest cloud call center system that provide many features for the companies, enables them to manage a cloud contact center online and allows them to fully-control of the contact center cloudly and remotely.

CRM System

CRM is a shortened word for Customer relation management system, and it’s the latest Bevatel application that helps companies and establishments follow up the sales and marketing plans and it provides them with many professional integrated features for stores and projects management.

Out Source Call Center

Bevatel provides outsource call center for commercial activities and establishments with professionally trained Saudi calibers, to help companies get integrated cloud contact centers at the lowest costs.

Unified Number 9200

Bevatel provides you with a distinctive unified number 9200 that enables you to link all your establishment branches through a distinctive unified number that enables you to receive all calls on a memorable unified number that gives a professional powerful brand impression.

SMS Services

For better communication with your customers whatever their location, Bevatel provides companies and establishments with SMS services at the lowest costs and the least error percentage via Bulk SMS and smart SMS.


Bevatel Contact Center Services

Bevatel provides advanced contact center services professionally to help companies and establishments develop their contact centers and get a better connection with the customers and users.

Besides that, Bevatel services help companies provide better customer service and technical support, save many costs, and get a professional integrated contact center.

We can mention Bevatel contact center services in some points, as follows:-

  • Auto Dialer System.
  • IVR Feature.
  • Calls Evaluation.
  • Softphone Application.
  • VOIP Devices.
  • API Integration.

Auto Dialer System

It’s a contact center service that helps companies and establishments auto-dial customers and users’ lists and distributes the calls to the available call center agents as incoming calls.


IVR Feature

IVR is a shortened word to Interactive Voice Response, and this service enables you to auto-respond to the callers’ inquiries and problems via many previously recorded voice messages.

Calls Evaluation

Bevatel Provides Calls Evaluation techniques to evaluate call center agents through the cloud call center system features such as live panel and performance reports, and these techniques provide many details about the staff performance to evaluate and develop it.

Softphone Application

Bevatel Softphone is the first application that enables you to answer the customers’ inquiries, make and receive your business calls online via your computer or mobile with many professional features and from anywhere.

VOIP Devices

Bevatel provides all VOIP devices and products for internet communication with high-quality devices and products to develop the advanced contact centers performance with IP phones and call center headsets.

API Integration

API is shortened word for Application Programming Interface, that helps companies get the information needed easily from the company’s different systems Such as the integration with ERP, CRM, and Billing system.

In general, Bevatel always seeks to develop contact center services with professional features for various commercial activities and establishments to help them get advanced contact centers and then these companies and establishments can provide better customer service and technical support and develop their performance generally.